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India has legalized vaping since 2019! India now has many shops selling Juul vape pen and other vaping products. Vaping and Juuling have gained popularity since then 🇮🇳 🖊️ ..

Buy Juul
Buy Juul

Juul products and vape accessories are popular brands produced by Juul an American company that manufactures e-cigarettes since 2007! It looks like a USB flash drive and uses nicotine salt-based e-liquid which has gained popularity due to its smooth taste and low levels of nicotine ️ 🇺🇸.

The popularity of Juuling and vaping has spread throughout India due to its availability and affordability. Juul and vape products can be bought from many stores and online outlets . The prices for the products vary but most Juul products cost around Rs 1700 (approximately $25). A variety of e-liquids and accessories can also be found in these shops and are usually more expensive than the Juul device ️.

In addition to buying Juuls and vape products many users are trying out DIY e-juices . These e-juices are made by combining different flavors and concentrations of e-liquid. Many users believe that this gives them more control over the flavor, taste, and nicotine levels of their vape . DIY e-juices are becoming increasingly popular in India as they are inexpensive and easily available 🇮🇳.

The use of Juuls and vape products has exploded since it was legalized by the government in 2019 . Many people have started using it as an alternative to smoking cigarettes as it is seen as a healthier option that can also help reduce withdrawal symptoms when quitting smoking 🚬 ️. Many restaurants and bars have now started allowing their customers to vape on the premises and vaping lounges are becoming increasingly popular 🔛.

Nicotine is a highly addictive substance that can cause a variety of health issues, and although Juul and vape products do not contain the same carcinogenic compounds found in cigarettes, the aerosols they produce can contain potentially harmful chemicals ️. As a result, it is important for users to be aware of the risks and to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

The trend of Indian vaping has seen a rise in India since its legalization in 2019 🇮🇳 ️. Many are choosing to vape or Juule as an alternative to smoking. This can be viewed as a positive development for public health, as long as the users are aware and responsibly use the products.

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Juul from PixaBay , user nattanan23

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